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Welcome to Gannon Performance Studio (GPS for Actors), where passion meets purpose, and every step forward is a note in your journey of self-discovery. At GPS, we believe in the transformative power of performance, guiding you to find your light on and off the stage. It's important to have a haven for fostering creativity, honing skills, and unlocking your true potential. With a commitment to excellence, training, and community the goal is to empower you to achieve your goals. Embrace the artistry within and let "GPS for Actors" be your compass as you embark on an exciting voyage to uncover the brilliance that lies within you. Find Your Light at Gannon Performance Studio.





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Learning opportunities


Acting Audition

Working Actor's Class

Professional actor classes offer a supportive environment for accomplished actors to refine their acting skills. These classes expose actors to new and emerging acting approaches and lesser known techniques. Actors explore their range as the landscape of film, television, and theater is now too large to train in only one or two. This class covers acting for stage and camera, in-depth exercises to access true vulnerability and emotion, physical acting, breath-work, Shakespeare, acting with an open heart, comedy, and diagnosis for what might be keeping an actor from advancing to the next level of their career by a highly qualified and experienced instructor. In person Montreal acting studio and online acting classes.


All Levels Scene Study

Scene study classes are acting lessons designed to provide actors with a range of growth opportunities and inspire and nurture the creativity of those that are interested in exploring the world of acting. These classes focus on acting techniques, principals of acting, script analysis, ensemble building, character development, voice, and body awareness. Through engaging activities and games, participants develop their self-confidence, team building skills, and and grow their love for storytelling. This class is a safe and fun way to grow as an actor and be a part of a community of industry performers.



Online Coaching

$100 CA/hr 

$360 CA/ 4 sessions.


Private online acting coaching provides personalized and intensive guidance for actors of all levels. Whether you are a pre-professional, early career actor, working actor, or a well-known name, coaching is for you. Tailored to the specific needs and goals of the participant, private coaching sessions are often online one-on-one sessions. Audition coaching, Acting technique. Role preparation. Script analysis. Personalizing choices.

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